Smart Online Money Transfer Application


Smart Online Money Transfer Application will help you to manage your day to day operation smoothly. Using XML/API we connect the application direct to the bank you are dealing with. As well as sending money with this system, you will also be able to manage and track the activities of your staff and agents and generate reports on your sales and other financial activities.

According to your needs we can also customise the application for you.

We have both B2B and B2C application which is already being used by our clients meaning our product is already market proven.

Product Features

Take a good look at Smart Money Transfer Application and its numerous advantages. Smart Money Transfer Application offers integrated solutions for these agency operations:

  • Bank Transfer or Instant Cash Transfer
  • Search a transaction
  • Process batch transaction
  • Search customer by their postcode, name or ID
  • View Complaints
  • Control users of the system with different access level
  • Process Excel file for transactions
  • Highly Secure & Reliable

and many more

Why Smart Invoicing System?


Off the shelf the product

Which means no need to wait for the development. Ready to be used from day one of the subscription.


Tried and Tested

This system is being used by some of the leading Travel Agent and Tour Operator throughout the UK, USA and Malta.


On Going Improvements

Since 2004, to keep up with the demands of our clients and ever changing industry needs, the system is continuously upgraded


User Friendly

When we develop, end user is our main priority which enables us to create easy to use application, therefore requires very little staff training.


Unlimited Training and Support

We are so confident with our product therefore we offer unlimited training and support to our client.